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Applying coatings to your concrete surfaces is more than just a good idea, it is essential to long-term maintenance. Concrete coatings protect the concrete, enhance its overall character, and increase its longevity. Whether you own a commercial business, a residential home, or an industrial facility, applying new concrete coatings is the best way to maintain your concrete and keep it looking its prime!

Say goodbye to boring floors and counter tops by choosing to customize the look of your concrete. A wide variety of concrete coatings and stains are available to achieve your desired look! With the ability to be applied to a variety of surfaces, concrete coatings are a great solution to maintain, upgrade, and preserve your concrete flooring or counter tops over the years.

The possibilities are endless! Concrete coating can be applied to epoxy, urethane, polyurethane, waterproof membranes, acrylics, cementitious trowel down coatings, gran quartz floors, metallic epoxies, chip or flake floors, and color is almost always an option.

No matter what type of flooring surface you have, choose to maintain your concrete and prevent deterioration. Concrete coatings will save you maintenance costs and headaches down the road, and will prevent the risk of slippery surfaces, water seepage or chemical absorption. Give Silver Crest Corp company a call today to learn more about the benefits of concrete polishing and coatings, or to receive a free estimate. Silver Crest Corp is a mobile concrete company and can serve your concrete no matter where you are located.


Benefits of Concrete Coatings:


  • Increase concrete longevity
  • Enhance overall appearance
  • Protect against deterioration
  • Prevent against water or chemical absorption
  • Added texture prevents slippery surfaces
  • New surface makes cleaning process easier



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