There are a huge number of different products that can be applied to a concrete floor. Concrete coatings that can be applied are epoxy, urethane, polyurethane, waterproof membranes, acrylics, cementitious trowel down coatings, gran quarts floors, metallic epoxies, chip or flake floors, etc., and color is almost always an option.

Whether it is an epoxy floor, a polyurethane floor, stain, or urethane paint that needs applied or more extensive concrete resurfacing needs to be done, coatings are important, functional, and can look great. Concrete coatings have many purposes. They are there to prevent water seepage and chemicals from being absorbed into the concrete and to prevent concrete from deteriorating rapidly. They can be beneficial when texture is added to make grip on a slippery surface, add character to a boring floor, or make cleanup a breeze in a warehouse, machinery area, or garage by hosing things off. The possibilities are endless for industrial coatings.

Reasons we like to apply these types of concrete coatings are because of their ease of cleanup with spills, low maintenance, and or the way they look as a finished product. After joints are filled, a unified coating can make cleanup a breeze when you have a seamless urethane coated epoxy floor. This makes seeing every oil drip and loose nut an easy find on the floor and makes maintaining your equipment easy.



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